[ June 14, 2019 ]

A Gathering Without Boundaries and Without Limits

A Guest Post by Jan Desai  

More than a decade ago, Panache opened my eyes to living into the flow of infinite possibility; a magical space of unbelievable synchronicity and miracles both large and small.  We were working hard to grow our business. Panache was on the road holding group sessions almost 90 percent of the time.

There were nights when the room was empty, and his voice echoed back to him as he hosted the program anyway. He understood that everything was unfolding in Divine Order, even when reality didn’t show up in a way that made sense. He humbly shared his message to the four walls and the empty circle of chairs which allowed him to more deeply align with his purpose and expand his frequency.

The magical day arrived when we received our first invitation to speak at a national conference alongside some spiritual greats. I had great respect for these luminaries and their diverse messages. At the conference, I must have looked like a starry-eyed groupie, excited to meet each one, and hopefully get my dog-eared copies of their books signed, not only as a remembrance, but as a visceral confirmation that indeed I was doing the work to change my reality.

Over the three days of the conference, I was able to catch glimpses of these speakers, but they were always surrounded by conference security. They were ushered to the stage from behind the curtains. There was no way of getting close, no way of capturing their eyes. I wasn’t given the opportunity to tell them how much they had unknowingly supported me in my darkest hours. With each passing day, I felt more, and more disappointed.

On our final night, we were all invited to a speakers’ reception. As I walked through the door of the executive suite, there they all stood, in a long receiving line. I remember being giddy with joy. I thought, “This is what heaven is like – every luminary I ever held dear will be standing there high-fiving my earthbound journey.”   

I vowed after that weekend that any conference Panache and I created would deliver the one experience that every attendee deserves to have. At the foundation and at the  heart of our conference would be generous access to the speakers for all participants. And that, my dear tribe, is what you can expect at Global Gathering 2019.

This is not your typical conference. This is a gathering without barriers and without limits. Each of our speakers has agreed to make themselves accessible, with no barricades between you and them. They will walk the hallways. They will sit at tables and sign books. They will shake your hand and have selfies taken. They will see you in your own glory and acknowledge that you too are on a journey of discovery.

Our hand-selected teachers have invested the years, done the work, honed their messages in so many diverse areas of life that I promise you will be astounded by what you experience. It will feel a bit like Christmas morning as you sit transfixed by each speaker, captivated by a message that you never expected – but unexpectedly find that it is meant directly for you. It will be a unique message or sign you’ve been waiting to hear, feel, or experience your entire life.  

Please join Panache and me in Phoenix this August 23 – 26 and experience the Summer of Infinite Potential. My promise to you? You will take home powerful new tools, practices, inspiration, and incredible memories.

This is the moment everything changes.

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