Bring your Friends, Earn Great Prizes, and Create Your Tribe

Global Gathering delivers an amazing, profound and life-changing experience. That incredible energy is MAGNIFIED when you’re surrounded by the love and support of your tribe.

Come Play With Us

Become a Global Gathering Ambassador and we’ll give you everything you need to gather your tribe and bring them with you to this extraordinary event! We’ll give you emails and social media posts so that you can reach out to your circle and pump up the excitement. We’ll give you access to your very own support coach at The Desai Companies who will help you achieve your ambassador goals. You’ll even receive group coaching from Panache along the way!

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

Click the link below and fill out the short application.  You’ll receive a special tribe code that your friends, co-workers, and family can use when they register to attend the Gathering with you. Every ticket gets credited to your unique Ambassador Account and helps you earn some very special rewards!

What Do I Get For Being An Ambassador?

  • When you encourage 5 new people to purchase tickets, you will receive one FREE 4-Day  Pass.
  • When 10 new people purchase tickets, your Visionary Pass is upgraded to VIP Status.
  • When 15 new people purchase tickets, you receive a second FREE 4-Day Pass.
  • When 20 new people purchase tickets, your second Visionary Pass is upgraded to VIP Status.

In addition, to the energy and excitement of being in Phoenix with your tribe, you will be among the first to receive breaking news about the Global Gathering. You’ll also receive a special gift and shout-out from the Global Gathering main stage. Best of all, you’ll receive upgraded “Tribe Seating” for all keynote sessions, so that you and your friends can get up-close-and personal for all of the action.

Grand Prize

The Global Gathering Ambassador who gets the greatest number of new individuals to register will be flown, along with one guest, to Phoenix, Arizona and stay at the Sheraton Grande Hotel from Monday, August 19 – Monday, August 26 as guests of The Desai Companies and have a personal meet and greet with Panache during the Global Gathering!

Remember, magic and miracles happen when the energy of the Global Gathering is magnified by a tribe. Come to Phoenix with those you love the most, experience together the power of your collective infinite potential, and return home filled with the love, support, and encouragement you need to begin to create a life of unlimited possibilities!

Become An Ambassador Now