[ May 6, 2019 ]

Global Gathering Grows to Four Great Days!

An amazing event just got even better!

We’re pleased to announce that the 2019 Global Gathering, The Summer of Infinite Possibility, has expanded into an amazing four day event! This year, there is simply too much energy, excitement, and empowerment on tap to try to fit it all into one weekend. Check out what’s in store…


First, over the course of four remarkable days this August 23rd through 26th, we have an absolutely incredible lineup of visionary speakers – each one hand selected by Panache for their power and enthusiasm!


Next, we’ve scheduled 26 powerful keynotes, workshops, and masterminds designed to allow you to discover and live your very best life. With Panache as your host and energetic guide, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in brand new possibilities in life, relationships, success, health, and spiritual connection.


You’ll have the chance to meet hundreds and hundreds of extraordinary people just like you who are coming together in an amazing celebration of our collective infinite potential! Create and foster new relationships with like-minded people who have the same dreams and desires as you do!


Global Gathering 2019 is your opportunity to experience the power of connection, support, and exponential energy that occurs when more than 500 people from around the world come together to connect, expand, grow, and explore a new paradigm of human potential. The energy is expansive. The joy is contagious. The excitement is exhilarating. And the potential is limitless!


This will be the moment when EVERYTHING changes!