3 Hour Immersion - Monday August 26
Monday MasterMinds
This 3-hour Mastermind immersion invites you to ask your questions so that you can get clarity on where you are stuck, soak up the wisdom, and take home the tools to begin making massive shifts in your life. Your fellow participants will become your new support system as you emerge realigned with your toughest challenges and ready to live.
Area of Focus: Self Love
Mastermind: The Undiscovered Country: Owning Your Unlimited Potential

Star of the Emmy award winning THE DOCTORS and FACE THE TRUTH, Lifestyle Coach, and Model

In this empowering deep dive, noted television personality Rosie Mercado will lead you on a healing journey unlike any other. First, you will identify those areas in your life where perceived blockages are holding you back from discovering your true potential. Next, she will lead you through the process of believing in and owning that unlimited potential. Finally, you and Rosie will develop a comprehensive 3-month action plan that you will be able to take home, furthering and empowering your forward movement!

Area of Focus: Wealth & Prosperity
Mastermind: Thriving Through Uncertainty: Uncover Your Inspired Roadmap

Best-Selling Author and Career Transition Expert

Are you ready to discover the path that’s already open for you? The reason most people don’t experience the life of their dreams is because they don’t know how to handle uncertainty. It can be overwhelming not to know which path to take. Tama Kieves, former Harvard-trained lawyer turned bestselling author and leading career/success coach has helped thousands of people make the most inspired decisions of their lives, often when they felt most insecure. Whether you’re in a career transition, divorce, growing your small business or empire, dealing with an illness, or just seeking your next step and brilliant direction in life—this is your turning point moment to unlock the extraordinary strength and opportunities you may not know you have. Learn how to make the best decisions of your lifetime right now…and all the time.

Area of Focus: Life-Enhancement
Mastermind: Affirm, Transform, and Breathe

Renowned Meditation and Breathwork Expert

Do you sometimes have negative self-talk? Renowned Breathwork practitioner Jon Paul Crimi is going to fix that. He will teach you a simple, fun, and effective Affirmation technique that completely shifts your inner dialogue. Next, you’ll experience how Breathwork can powerfully and immediately transform any unresolved baggage you may still be carrying. Finally, finish with an incredibly powerful Breathwork Session that will reset your internal hard drive to a place of Gratitude and Love. The work you do in this Mastermind will lay a new foundation for limitless possibility.

Area of Focus: Spiritual Connection and Life-Enhancement
Mastermind: Realizing Your Infinite Potential: Dissolving the Karmic Blocks That Hold You Back From More

Transformational Teachers and Best-Selling Authors

Have you ever wondered why some problematic habits seem to recur no matter how hard you try to break them? Join Sandra and Daniel Biskind and learn how karmic blocks – programs in the unconscious mind that keep you in low frequency negative life patterns – are holding you in recurring patterns and preventing you from experiencing more. Under Sandra and Daniel’s guidance, you’ll learn how to dissolve these blocks instantly — freeing you to make enlightened choices and live a life without limits.

Area of Focus: Health and Wellbeing
Mastermind: Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing

Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine

An experiential Mastermind on the “How To’s” of managing creative and healing energy in the body. In 30 years of healing work in private practice, Dr. Sue codified what patients did to naturally heal. In this engaging and awe-inspiring workshop, Dr. Sue masterfully demonstrates the two energy systems that run the body and teaches you to move them into alignment with simple to do techniques. She offers a Quantum shift of understanding how to master your ability to self-heal.