[Your Host and Energetic Guide]
Panache Desai

Panache Desai is a best-selling author, storyteller, and a business and life catalyst who has been using energetic transformation to positively change the lives of countless people around the globe. He is committed to you experiencing a life without limits.

[Our 2019 Visionaries]
Discover Your Infinite Potential!

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

[Best Selling Author and Founder of the Agape Spiritual Center]

Rosie Mercado

[Star of the Emmy award winning THE DOCTORS and FACE THE TRUTH, Lifestyle Coach, and Model]

Kute Blackson

[Bestselling Author and Visionary In the World of Human Potential]

Dr. Sue Morter

[International Speaker and Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine]

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

[Transformational Teachers and Bestselling Authors]

Guy Finley

[Bestselling Author and Founder of Life of Learning Foundation]

KC Miller

[Entrepreneur, Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts]

Rob Wergin

[Transformational Healer and Spiritual Counselor]

Sierra Nielsen

[Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, and Creator of “Your Soul Sexy”]

Kelly Kosow

[Master Integrative Life Coach and CEO of the Ford Institute]

Jon Paul Crimi

[Renowned Meditation and Breathwork Expert]

Dr. Margaret Paul

[Bestselling Author, Relationship Expert, and Co-Creator of the Inner Bonding Self-Healing Process]

Beth Shaw

[Leading Expert in Mind Body Fitness, and President of YogaFit Inc.]

Chris Grosso

[Acclaimed Public Speaker and Author on Addiction and Mental Health.]

Tama Kieves

[Bestselling Author and Career Transition Expert]

Shoebox Moses

[World touring DJ, Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, and Vibe Creator for High-End Events]

Reverend Mark Anthony Lord

[Author, Teacher, and Expert in Spiritual Psychology]
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