Chris Grosso

Acclaimed Public Speaker and Author on Addiction and Mental Health.
Area of Focus:
Addiction and Recovery

Workshops by Chris Grosso

[Day 3: 11:30am]
Breakout Session: Perfectly Imperfect - Finding Healing and Love
What does it mean to accept yourself fully in all of your perfect imperfections? To take an honest, fearless look at your true self and stay there, acknowledging both the frailty and the glory in the same glance? In this interactive workshop, Chris Grosso, best-selling author of Indie Spiritualist, Everything Mind, and Dead Set On Living will guide participants to use their challenging life experiences as catalysts towards spiritual awakening through various meditations, creative exercises, compassion practices, and more. The foundation of living your best life begins with knowing that you, as you are in this very moment, are enough.