Dr. Sue Morter

Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine
Area of Focus:
Health and Wellness

Workshops by Dr. Sue Morter

[Day 3: 3:00pm]
Keynote: The Energy Codes®: Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life
In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Sue Morter, describes her journey as a doctor who had a spontaneous awakening to the Soulful Self, codifying the process of guiding others to do the same. Based in Quantum Science, Neuroscience and Energy Medicine, The Energy Codes teach us how to train the mind to serve the great intuitive presence that we truly are, by listening to the unspoken language from within the deep core of the body - a true celebration of the human spirit.
[Day 4: 10:30am]
Mastermind: Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing
An experiential Mastermind on the “How To’s” of managing creative and healing energy in the body. In 30 years of healing work in private practice, Dr. Sue codified what patients did to naturally heal. In this engaging and awe-inspiring workshop, Dr. Sue masterfully demonstrates the two energy systems that run the body and teaches you to move them into alignment with simple to do techniques. She offers a Quantum shift of understanding how to master your ability to self-heal.