Guy Finley

Best-Selling Author and Founder of Life of Learning Foundation
Love and Relationships

Workshops by Guy Finley

[Day 2: 5:00pm]
Keynote: Relationship Magic: Love’s Infinite Journey
We all seek relationships that are magical. Yet, sometimes it can feel like the magic is missing. In this very important keynote presentation, Guy Finley, best-selling author and Director of the Life of Learning Foundation, will introduce you to Divine Love, and show you how – through enlightenment – you can come to know and realize the infinite potential of a love that empowers us to live boldly, forgive freely, and love each other unconditionally. Learn how you can make the relationships in your life endless journeys of love.
[Day 3: 11:00am]
Breakout Session: Unshakable and Unbreakable:The Secrets to Lasting Love
In this life-healing workshop, Guy Finley will give you the knowledge, and teach you the specific actions you need to build the unshakable and unbreakable relationships that very few men and women ever experience. What you learn in this workshop will apply to your relationship with your partner, children, parents and siblings, friends, your boss and co-workers – even the stranger on the street. Guy will show you that there's an altogether different kind of love. It is this higher form of love that can work miracles in every aspect of your life.