Panache Desai

Area of Focus:
Spiritual Connection

Workshops by Panache Desai

[Day 1: 8:00pm]
Keynote: Break Free, Break Loose, and Live Wild
In this provocative kick-off to the Global Gathering, your host and guide, Panache Desai, lays the energetic foundation for the most powerful weekend ever. Panache will show you that in order to live your infinite potential you must fully break free of the need for approval, acceptance, and external love. You must be willing to shatter the shackles of fear that keep you bound to a life that doesn’t reflect your limitless potential. Most importantly, you must have the courage to own all that you are, all that you can be, and unapologetically begin living your highest expression. This IS the moment everything changes!
[Day 2: 9:00pm]
Mastermind: Igniting Infinite Potential
There is an energy inside of you that, once liberated, has the capacity to free you from limitations and align you with your infinite potential. Regardless of where you are on your path, you are living an endlessly evolving staircase of more. This upward spiral is the foundation of your infinite potential. Because of this, it’s always possible to expand and move into higher dimensions of human experience. In this extraordinary Mastermind, Panache will use activations, teachings and tools to ignite your infinite potential and completely transform the way you see yourself and the way you live your life.