Rosie Mercado

Star of the Emmy award winning THE DOCTORS and FACE THE TRUTH, Lifestyle Coach, and Model
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Workshops by Rosie Mercado

[Day 4: 8:00am]
Keynote: True Beauty - The Potential in the Broken Pieces
Join Rosie Mercado, star of the Emmy award winning THE DOCTORS and FACE THE TRUTH, as she uses her own life experiences to show you that the scars of living life fully should never be hidden. Living life to its fullest with enthusiasm and courage is your greatest legacy and this will be Rosie’s gift to you this evening. This wisdom, in turn, allows each of us to love our family, our friends and ourselves from a place of strength, knowing that it is our flaws, and not our perfection, that bring us that strength.
[Day 4: 10:30am ]
Mastermind: The Undiscovered Country: Owning Your Unlimited Potential
In this empowering Mastermind, noted television personality Rosie Mercado will lead you on a healing journey unlike any other. First, with Rosie’s help, you will identify those areas in your life where perceived blockages are holding you back from discovering your true potential. Next, she will lead you through the process of believing in and owning that unlimited potential. Finally you and Rosie will develop a comprehensive 3-month action plan that you will be able to take home, furthering and empowering your forward movement!